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Life Science Services

Clinical Operations

Develop solutions that increase efficiencies, productivity, and quality in your clinical trial from study start-up through completion.
By strategizing for the level of support you need, we create clinical operations solutions to facilitate all aspects of your clinical trial — including management of staff and training, budgets and contracts, patient recruitment and retention, and site operations — to drive on-time project delivery.


Leverage our life science knowledge for guidance on biometric solutions, including clinical data management and SAS programming, throughout the clinical drug development process. We identify solutions for every stage of your trial, minimizing your timeline risks and improving data quality via world-class clinical data management.
Whether you're a small biotech startup or a large, multinational pharmaceutical company, you'll benefit from the design of a clinical program that increases efficiencies across the board.

Pharmacovigilance/Drug Safety

If your organization is in the pharmaceutical, biotech, consumer health, animal health or medical device space, partner with us for consultation that streamlines your end-to-end drug safety surveillance activities for investigational and post-market products.
Our drug safety and risk management solutions allow you to focus on managing your core business, while we create a strategy that supports patient safety and protects your company. Access the resources you need to ensure timely submission of quality adverse event data to various regulatory authorities.

Regulatory Affairs

Engage our consultative approach to quickly identify solutions that reduce costs, accelerate approval timelines and improve your processes.
Ranging from preapproval to post-approval, and from intellectual property to FDA approval, we strategized cost-effective, high-quality regulatory affairs solutions for lifecycle maintenance of your pharmaceutical products.

Quality and Compliance

Create a long-term plan that ensures the production of quality products while meeting compliance requirements.
Specializing in corrective and preventive action, we develop solutions that address your quality and regulatory compliance processes. Protect your business and increase your efficiency by leveraging our strategy to manage systems implementations, process improvement, audits and remediation of problems.
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