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IT Services

IT Service Offering

We use our technology insights to help you transform your software product vision or help you execute your software development needs more productively, effectively and cost competitively. We have enormous experience in catering to the following services:
  • Comprehensive and detailed analysis of the business needs
  • Preparation of design specifications
  • Initial design concept
  • Programming
  • Testing/validation
  • Ongoing development and maintenance
  • Testing/validation
  • Client support (Training & support material provided)

Custom Application Development

Develop a custom software application to fulfill your business requirement.
  • New Software development
    To assist early stage Startup firms and help them realize their Vision to Reality
  • Migration of Existing Applications
    Migrate existing applications to a new Platform/Technology to support increasing customer demands
  • Application Maintenancet
    Continuing support and maintenance services for new, expanding, and retiring software applications to help our clients retain their clients
  • Software Testing
    Completely testing custom software, or assigning specialists to assist with testing activities - right from Test Planning to test case execution and reporting

Software Quality Assurance & Testing

We provide Software Quality Assurance/Testing Consultants, for all your needs including:
  • Load/Stress/Performance Testing
    Testing the performance of your web application by simulating high load, and providing useful result metrics such as "Max Concurrent Users", "Page Load Time" and "Memory & processor usage". See a sample report that we provided to a recent customer.
  • Business/Functional Requirement Testing
    Complete testing of your software application or providing specialists to assist in the testing activities ? right from test planning state to test case execution and reporting.
  • Cross Browser/Cross Platform Testing
    Testing your product on a variety of combinations of operating systems, browsers, hardware & possibly databases. A state-of-the-art Virtual Machine Platform is used to create such combinations, saving you from significant hardware/ software investments.
  • Test Automation
    Automating the test case execution to save significant effort in testing each build & release of a product manually. Needless to say, the cost savings can be huge for product companies if they move to test automation.
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